So your a Wedding DJ...Well what makes you different from all the rest. This is my story... by DeeJay Absolute

April 3, 2017



Experience, Reputation, and Creativity...Its not what I do, it's how I do it that is the DeeJay AbsoluteDeeJay Absolute difference. I utilize professional DJ skills, years of public speaking to engage your guests as MC, and 15 years of wedding experience to plan and create a truly unique Wedding Celebration.


Planning a wedding by yourself can be an emotional rollercoaster, but if done right, can be the most rewarding experience of your life. Having a dream and a vision, and then having the opportunity to bring all that to life, is one for the bucket list.  


It starts with a consultation at a place and time that is most convenient for you. My goal is to learn about your vision and to see if we will be a good fit for each other. I will talk about my experience, reputation, and creativity and answer all the many questions you will have for me. I will also speak about my unique difference.  How my team and I DJ, MC, and can help coordinate your entire wedding celebration.  At the end of our meeting and based on your vision and needs, I will present a Personalized Experience that will include my service fee, Peace of Mind and Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with my service.  

I was given advise 15 years ago from a from an amazing Disc Jockey and Emcee that I love now sharing with everyone.  


To the newly engaged...


1. If you do not have the time and feel it is not in your skill set...hire an Event Planner right from the start.

2. If you do have the time and the skill set... hire a coordinator that will take care of things one month prior to your wedding including the day of.

3. Prioritize the the top services that will have the most impact on your wedding day and put 70% of your budget towards them.

*Your Venue, photographer, disc jockey, master of ceremonies, planner, alcohol and food, are commonly the most important services that impact your wedding the most.

4.  Hire your planning "Dream Team" as early as possible : Disc Jockey, Master of Ceremonies, and Planner.

5.  Even the perfectly planned Wedding will have something come up on the day of. That is why you need an experienced team of professionals, with a solid reputation, and the ability to be creative when something unexpected arrises.

6.  In the last month prior to your wedding leave everything in the hands of the professionals... Enjoy your Wedding Celebration with all your family and Friends.


The last month of your wedding is your time to reap the rewards of all your hard work.  In the last month of your wedding, have a team of professionals execute and manage your timeline, coordinate with all your selected vendors, organize your rehearsal, and be the "point person" for all activities that take place the day of your wedding.  


That feeling while your MC(s) are about to give you a "Fan Fare" Grand Entrance and you have nothing to worry about except celebrating with your family and friends ...well Its priceless and you guys deserve it!


In building your Dream Team my hope is you hired a Professional DJ and MC as this will give you valuable options. You may have the perfect MC that is a  family friend or relative... perfect.  There is nothing more powerful than having your Professional DJ/ MC acting as Co Master of Ceremonies. It guarantees your timeline will be executed flawlessly, your guests will be fully engaged, and your selected friend or relative will get to enjoy the benefits of being a guest at your wedding.  


Brides and Grooms ask me all the time...What makes you different form all the other DJs out there.  I am so proud to answer this questions as it has taken me years of experience to get to where I am today. My answer to the couple is this...It starts with my approach and my belief that all weddings are unique. With every couple I work with, I utilize my Experience in the industry, My Reputation with other professionals, and my creative ability and desire to make a Wedding Reception different from the next. Its not what I do, its how I do it that creates truly unique Wedding Celebrations. I am more than just a DJ.  I am a professional Emcee and a Entertainment Event Specialist.


My services incorporate three distinct areas of service; Disc Jockey, Master of Ceremony, and Planning.   


Below is an outline that shows what to expect leading up to your Wedding Celebration.


Approximately 3-5 planning sessions prior to your Wedding Day including the rehearsal. I will always be available and include unlimited communication through email, phone, skype, and text.


Each Meeting will review all three areas but are certainly not limited to the following schedule.



Disc Jockey

1. Creation/ Review of "Entertainment Timeline" 

2. Discussion of "Signature Moment"s and transitions  (Grand Entrance, First Dance, Party Blast, etc)

3.  Key music selections and playlists


Master of Ceremonies

1. Group Discussion of Couples Vision 

2.. Brainstorming ideas  (Signature Moments and Transitions)

3.. Icebreakers (kissing game, buffet tables, games, etc.)

4. Creation/ Review of MC Script and as it relates to the Timeline

5. Discussion of MC role and coaching (skills, presence, mic techniques, etc.)

The Rehearsal - Final Meeting

1.  Be at rehearsal to meet officiant, venue, family members

2.  Conduct Rehearsal if officiant is not available.

3.  Review last minute details

Day of Duties - Disc Jockey

A DJ Assistant will join me to do full set up and sound check.  He or she will remain with me until the dance Floor opens...The DeeJay Absolute Party Blast!

1. Pre meeting with officiant prior to ceremony

2. Pre meeting with Bridal Party re Grand Entrance.

3. Cueing music to all Signature Moments ( Ceremony Music, Grand Entrance, Cake Cutting, First Dance, Family Dances, Anniversary Dance, etc )

4..Constant communication with Venue, MC, and Planner

5.Ensure seamless transitions of music that engages all guests

6..Reading the Room at all times and ensure music and lighting matches the mood and vibe

7. Hosting the Bouquet and Garter Toss

6.Make guests have sore feet from dancing to much :))


Day of Duties - Master of Ceremonies

Your MC is not only the Face but the Heart of your entire Reception

1. Greet guests during Ceremony, Cocktail Hour and when Reception Doors Open

2. Work Closely with Disc Jockey, Venue, and Planner

3. Introduce Wedding Party to a  "Fan Fare"  Entrance

4. Welcome Speech and Housekeeping, 

5. Grace ( if required )

6. Icebreaker(s) games ( Kissing, Dinner Tables, Shoe Game, Anniversary Dance, etc.)

7. Make special Announcements ( out of town guests, letters, emails, etc.) 

8. Introduce all VIP speakers 

9. Ensure that the Timeline is followed and that their is clear communication throughout 

**this is an Emcee's most important job**

10. Passover duties to the Disc Jockey.

The goal is simple... DeeJay Absolute will do whatever it takes from the moment you book to ensure your wedding is truly unique and memorable.  


If you are looking for than just a DJ than I would love to sit down and learn more about your Wedding Day Vision.  






"It's not what I do, it's how I do it,
that creates truly unique and personalized weddings."






Mark Vanderende / DeeJay Absolute
Owner / DJ / Master of Ceremonies / Director of Entertainment and Wedding Specialist

Call: 778.882.1236



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