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Master of Ceremonies: Directing Your Hollywood Ending


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The most important celebration of your life is finally here... it’s your wedding day! As the final touches are being put on your make-up, you think back over the months of planning and making sure every detail is perfect. Not only have you invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours, you’ve invested so much of your passion and creativity as well. 


You make your way to the car waiting to take you to the ceremony, and as you thank the driver for holding the door you pause to think about all the amazing professional vendors you’ve got on your team today. Everyone from the floral and décor designers to the caterer and DJ have been carefully selected from a shortlist of wedding industry leaders, all of whom helped instill you with a confidence and peace of mind… which at this precise moment feels absolutely priceless.

Read the following blog article that outlines some of the many advantages and services of an MC:

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Wedding MC


Then you remember your Wedding MC. You decided your good friend or dear relative would be right for the job and you’re pretty sure they will do great… aren’t you? You start to feel a little anxious as you hope they don’t tell that story… and for that matter hopefully your conservative Grandmother won’t be put off by a dozen or so inappropriate jokes. It’s probably just pre-ceremony jitters but you can’t help thinking, “I really hope they don’t drink that much before the speeches!” 


Having performed as a DJ at hundreds of weddings I have seen it all when it comes to master of ceremonies. From the dry and boring “professional” to the inexperienced family friend, I am constantly amazed by the impact – positive or otherwise – that your master of ceremonies will have on your guest’s overall enjoyment. 


In the worst case, your MC may not fully understand the importance of their role. Often inexperienced master of ceremonies feel it’s their job to tell jokes all night or to share embarrassing stories about the bride and groom. They have a tendency to drink too much – either because they are ill prepared and nervous or because they feel torn between enjoying themselves as a guest and performing professionally.

On the other hand, I have experienced many master of ceremonies – professional or otherwise – who really got what their role was. The worked in synergy with the DJ and other vendors to ensure the timeline moved along smoothly and that important moments were executed well by the team as a whole. Their jokes were tasteful, their stories short and sweet and it was generally obvious they had put thought and planning into their entire performance. They were a pleasure to watch and listen to, were ready to help put out a fire when needed and communicated well with all the other vendors on site.


As most of us know, filming a movie is a massive big budget undertaking that requires the coordination of a wide range of roles in order to be a hit. It all starts with your star actors – but you can’t forget your locations, hair, make-up and costume departments, transportation, catering and an audio/visual team (sounds a little like a wedding, doesn’t it?). The person who keeps all these pieces moving in harmony is, of course, the director. Now ask yourself, at your wedding reception who will be in the director’s chair? 

While many people will have contributed to the development of your timeline, your Wedding Emcee is the person in the best position to direct the action on the actual big day. They are able to coordinate with all of the vendors behind the scenes while maintaining communication with the bridal party to address any unforeseen changes that may arise. While you trust your vendors to excel in their individual roles, your MC is the one person who you can entrust to look at the overall picture from your guest’s perspective. 


As your Wedding Emcee it is my mission to make you and your wedding party shine like the stars you are. This starts with carefully discussing your vision, crafting an engaging script and timeline and then providing exceptional service onsite to ensure that every moment of the day is picture perfect and worry-free. 


As your car arrives at your ceremony venue, I’ll be there to greet you at the door with a calming smile and ensure you the stage is set, your officiant is in place and your late arriving guests have been guided to their seats. With a huge sense of relief you take your first steps down the aisle, finally fully confident that this is indeed going to be the BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE



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"To be inspired is great, to inspire is incredible." 

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"DJing is not just about choosing a few good tunes. It's about generating shared moods, it's about understanding the feelings of a group of people and through creativity of music and skill directing them to a better place." – DeeJay Absolute


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Vancouver • Richmond • Burnaby • New Westminster • Coquitlam • Surrey
White Rock • Langley • Cloverdale • Port Moody • Maple Ridge
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